About Physics

Physics is a fundamental science dedicated to solving big questions such as "where did we come from?" that have puzzled people for centuries. At a practical level, physics embraces the study of basic natural laws and explains how and why things work on scales ranging from the cosmos to the tiniest sub-atomic level.

Physics is located in the Physics Annexe (Building No. 6) on the St Lucia Campus. All enquiries and deliveries should be directed to:

Physics Office
Level 3
Room 324
Physics Annexe (Building No.6)
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, Queensland, 4072

Alternatively, you can contact Physics by phone +61 7 3365 3424, fax +61 7 3365 1242 or email admin.physics@uq.edu.au.

Our Research

UQ has one of the strongest groups of researchers in physics in Australia. Our research broadly falls into the categories of quantum science, laser science, condensed matter physics and astrophysics. We have approximately 40 academic and research staff and 60 research postgraduate students, and have an annual research income of several million dollars. UQ is the lead Node for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS) and hosts nodes of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics , and the Centre for Hypersonics.

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Our Courses

The School of Mathematics and Physics is committed to providing students with the highest quality teaching and learning standards through dedicated and award-winning lecturers, as well as through access to the latest research and world-class resources.

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Our Physics Academic Staff

For more information about our Physics academic staff, see the list below.

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Callers from outside the University will need to add a prefix to the extension number provided.

For extension 5xxxx, eg. 56789, add 336 = 336-56789

For extension 6xxxx, eg. 67890, add 334 = 334-67890

From outside Queensland
The prefix is 07 eg. 3365 6789 = 07 3365 6789

From outside Australia
The prefix is +61 7 eg. 3365 6789 = +61 7 3365 6789

Staff Member Position Building/Room Phone E-mail
Dr Mark Baker Postdoctoral Research Fellow 6-401 69837 m.baker@physics.uq.edu.au
Associate Professor Holger Baumgardt Associate Professor, Physics postgraduate coordinator 6-439 53430 h.baumgardt@uq.edu.au
Dr Remi Blandino Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CQC2T 7-320 69037 r.blandino@uq.edu.au
Professor Warwick Bowen ARC Future Fellow 6-328 334 69425 wbowen@physics.uq.edu.au
Dr Michael Bromley Senior Lecturer + (Physics) Honours and (Physics) Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator 6 (Physics Annexe)-329 +61-7-336-51869 brom@physics.uq.edu.au
Dr David Colas Postdoctoral Research Fellow Physics Annexe (6)-418 334 67719 d.colas@uq.edu.au
Dr Joel Corney Senior Lecturer 6-406 53404 corney@physics.uq.edu.au
Dr Fabio Costa Parnell (7)-307A +61 7 336 57415 f.costa@uq.edu.au
Professor Matthew Davis Head of Physics 6-309 69824 mdavis@physics.uq.edu.au
Professor Tamara Davis VC Research and Teaching Fellowship 6-438 53433 tamarad@physics.uq.edu.au
Professor Michael Drinkwater Professor of Astrophysics 6-418A 53428 m.drinkwater@uq.edu.au
Dr Arkady Fedorov ARC Future Fellow 7-306 53418 a.fedorov@uq.edu.au
Dr Anthony Jacko Postdoctoral Research Fellow 6-343 63425 jacko@physics.uq.edu.au
Associate Professor Karen Kheruntsyan Associate Professor 6-402 53420 karen.kheruntsyan@uq.edu.au
Dr Vincent Loke Visiting Academic Physics Annexe-333 3365 3436 loke@physics.uq.edu.au
Dr Austin Lund Postdoctoral Research Fellow 7-320 69037 a.lund@uq.edu.au
Dr Edward Macaulay Postdoc Physics Annexe-415 0415524076 e.macaulay@uq.edu.au
Dr Lars Skovgaard Madsen 6-435 53412 m.lars@uq.edu.au
Dr Ian McCulloch ARC Future Fellow 6-331 52473 ianmcc@physics.uq.edu.au
Associate Professor Tim McIntyre Associate Professor 6-431 (07) 336 53423 mcintyre@physics.uq.edu.au
Professor Ross McKenzie Australian Professorial Fellow 6-426 53421 mckenzie@physics.uq.edu.au
Professor Gerard J. Milburn Director, Centre for Engineered Quantum Systems 7-309A 56931 g.milburn@uq.edu.au
Dr Clemens Mueller 7-308 +61 7 336 67031 c.muller2@uq.edu.au
Dr Ebinazar Namdas Academic Staff and ARC Future Fellow 6-412 53274 e.namdas@uq.edu.au
Dr Tyler Neely Postdoctoral Research Fellow 6-401 - t.neely@uq.edu.au
Dr Timo Nieminen Senior Lecturer 6-433 52422 timo@physics.uq.edu.au
Dr Taras Plakhotnik Senior Lecturer 6-429 69683 taras@physics.uq.edu.au
Professor Ben Powell Professor and ARC Future Fellow 6-430 52401 powell@physics.uq.edu.au
Professor Tim Ralph QCT-SRC Node Manager 7-319 69693 ralph@physics.uq.edu.au
Dr Matt Reeves 6-418 3346 7719 m.reeves@uq.edu.au
Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop Professor 6-321 53139 halina@physics.uq.edu.au
Associate Professor Tom Stace 7-309 +61 (0)7 3365 1868 stace@physics.uq.edu.au
Dr Margaret Wegener Lecturer 6-428 51244 m.wegener@uq.edu.au
Dr Till Weinhold Research Fellow 7-308A 67347 weinhold@physics.uq.edu.au
Professor Andrew White Vice Chancellor's Senior Research Fellow at The University of Queensland, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science 7-303A 57902 andrew.white@uq.edu.au
Dr Magdalena Zych UQ Fellow Parnell-307 +61 7 3346 7348 m.zych@uq.edu.au