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Professor Tamara Davis

Physics Honours and Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator

Prof Tamara Davis is a cosmologist interested in investigating new fundamental physics, such as the properties of dark energy and dark matter and the mass of the neutrino. A winner of the 2011 Australian Institute of Physics Women in Physics Lectureship, the 2011 Queensland Tall Poppy Award, the 2009 Australian L'Oreal Women in Science Fellowship and the Astronomical Society of Australia's Early Career Research Award, Prof Davis joined the astrophysics team at UQ to work on the WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey, which has mapped ~220,000 galaxies across half of the observable universe. She and the WiggleZ team are using that data to test our theory of gravity and try to figure out the nature of dark energy and dark matter.

Located in Building 6 - Room 438
Phone: 53433
BA (Philosophy), BSc (Physics), PhD (Astrophysics)
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Available Projects

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Astrophysical constraints on quantum gravity

The discovery of the acceleration of the universe showed that cosmological measurements can have a significant bearing on fundamental physics. The simplest explanation for the acceleration is that the universe is filled with dark energy that takes the form of a "cosmological constant". The...

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