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Past SMOR Seminars

Title Presented by When Venue
SMOR Seminar: Rare-event asymptotics and estimation for dependent random sums – an exit talk, with applications to finance and insurance Mr Patrick Laub (UQ) 14 Nov 2017 67-343 (Priestly Building)
SMOR Seminar: Regular variation in a fixed point problem for multiclass queues and branching processes Prof. Søren Asmussen (Aarhus University) 7 Nov 2017 67-442 (Priestly Building)
SMOR Seminar: Solving Uncapacitated Facility Location and Network Design Problems Mr Robin Pearce 18 Oct 2017 67-641 (Priestly Building)
SMOR seminar: Optimization in the Darkness of Uncertainty Kate Smith-Miles, U Melbourne 17 Oct 2017 81-214 Otto Hirschfield Building
SMOR seminar: An exact algorithm for the Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows and LIFO Loading Ali Al-Yasiry 10 Oct 2017 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Regulating arrivals to a queue Prof. Moshe Haviv (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 25 Jul 2017 67-442 (Priestly Building)
SMOR Seminar: Dynamics with Inequalities Prof. David Stewart (University of Iowa) 23 May 2017 67-442 (Priestly Building)
SMOR Seminar: The Mathematics Behind the Performance of Wind Turbines Dr. Stella Kapodistria (TU/e) 9 May 2017 67-442 (Priestly Building)
SMOR Seminar: The Role of Information in System Stability with Partially Observable Servers Dr. Azam Asanjarani (SMP, UQ) 9 May 2017 67-442 (Priestly Building)
SMOR Seminar: Mean variance portfolio optimisation for long term investors Dr. Duy-Minh Dang (SMP, UQ) 28 Mar 2017 67-442 (Priestly Building)
SMOR seminar: Homogenization of deterministic multiscale systems Ian Melbourne (Warwick) 22 Mar 2017 67-142 (Priestley Bldg)
SMOR Seminar: Turbulence and fishing influence size-abundance scaling relationships in the aquatic biosphere Jim Mitchell and Jody McKerral 30 Jan 2017 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Mathematics, Virtual Reality, Art + Science A/Prof. Tomasz Bednarz (CSIRO Data61, ACEMS QUT) 17 Jan 2017 67-442 (Priestly Building)
SMOR Seminar: Aristarchus of Samos, Mathematician and Astronomer Prof. Bill Whiten (formerly with UQ's JKMRC) 15 Nov 2016 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Towards concurrent planning of railway maintenance and train services Tomas Lidén, Linköping University 3 Nov 2016 50-N201 (Hawken Engineering Building)
SMOR Seminar: Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling of Soil Carbon Dynamics in Agricultural Systems Dr Dan Pagendam (CSIRO Data 61) 25 Oct 2016 67-442 (Priestly Building)
SMOR Seminar: Optimal Control Problems in Personal Finance and Retirement Planning Prof. Huaxiong Huang of York University, Canada 9 Aug 2016 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Subject Matter Predictive Analytics Robert Moberg, IBM 28 Jun 2016 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Jiwon Kim, Leveraging Trajectory Data to Gain New Insights into City Traffic Dynamics Jiwon Kim, School of Civil Engineering, UQ 14 Jun 2016 67-442
SMOR Seminar: No Lonely Toy! A Combinatoric Algorithm for Computing Brouwer Fixed Points. Prof. Andy McLennan, UQ School of Economics 24 May 2016 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Jerzy Filar, Ordered Field Property in Discounted Stochastic Games Prof. Jerzy Filar, Flinders University 10 May 2016 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Robin Pearce, Scheduling arc maintenance in a network using disaggregated Benders’ decomposition Robin Pearce 1 Dec 2015 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Boris Miller, Stochastic Control of Markov Chains with Constraints Boris Miller, Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Russia 10 Nov 2015 TBA
OR Students Meeting OR Students MeetingR 6 Oct 2015 67-442
stats Centre Meeting stats Centre Meeting 29 Sep 2015 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Patrick O'Callaghan, Measuring utility without mixing apples and oranges and an application to Brownian motion Patrick O'Callaghan, School of Economics, UQ 22 Sep 2015 67-442
Stats Centre Meeting (Stats Centre) 15 Sep 2015 67-442
OR Students Meeting OR Students Meeting 8 Sep 2015 67-442
Stats Centre Meeting (Stats Centre) 1 Sep 2015 67-442
OR Students Meeting OR Students Meeting 25 Aug 2015 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Jose Blanchet, Optimal Exact Simulation of Max-Stable Random Fields Jose Blanchet, Columbia University 21 Aug 2015 67-442
Stats Centre Meeting (Stats Centre) 18 Aug 2015 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Fiducial Nonparametric Statistics Professor Bruce Brown, University of New South Wales 25 Jun 2015 43-218 (Frank White Building)
SMOR Seminar: Kais Hamza, Bootstrap Random Walks Kais Hamza, Monash 10 Jun 2015 43-218
SMOR Seminar: Variational message passing for regression models with measurement error Andy Kim, UTS 5 May 2015 50-N202
SMOR Seminar: Bo Friis Nielsen, Distributions with rational moment generating functions Bo Friis Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark 16 Apr 2015 78-622 General Purpose South
SMOR Seminar: Mogens Bladt, Matrix—Exponential distributions Mogens Bladt, IIMAS-UNAM, Mexico 15 Apr 2015 43-218 Frank White Building
SMOR seminar: Gaussian Mixture Models for High- to Low-Dimensional Regression Antoine Deleforge, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg 10 Apr 2015 67-342
SMOR Seminar: Ruth Luscombe, A dynamic real time scheduling methodology for the Emergency Department Ruth Luscombe, School of Mathematical Sciences, QUT 17 Mar 2015 01-E112 (Forgan Smith Building)
SMOR Seminar: Cathy Lee, Fast approximate inference for Bayesian longitudinal and multilevel models Cathy Lee, UTS 18 Nov 2014 8-212
SMOR Seminar: Sophie Hautphenne, Lyapunov exponents for multitype branching processes in a random environment Sophie Hautphenne, The University of Melbourne 14 Oct 2014 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Preparing mathematical game-changers Murray Cameron, UTS 3 Oct 2014 67-342
SMOR seminar: Cinzia Viroli, Quantile-based Classifiers Cinzia Viroli, University of Bologna 3 Jul 2014 05-213
SMOR seminar: Laura Anderlucci, Covariance pattern mixture models for the analysis of multivariate heterogeneous longitudinal data Laura Anderlucci, University of Bologna 17 Jun 2014 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Wendy Ellens, Transient birth-death processes on time intervals with known endpoints Wendy Ellens, The University of Amsterdam 3 Jun 2014 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Siuli Mukhopadhyay, Effect of Model Misspecification in Generalized Linear Models Siuli Mukhopadhyay, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 27 May 2014 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Maryam Kamgarpour, Verification and Control of Stochastic Hybrid Systems Maryam Kamgarpour 6 May 2014 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Australian Edelman Prize Finalist – Fiber Optic Network Optimization Michael Forbes, Joe Forbes and Paul Kennedy together with a variety of NBN Co representatives 20 Mar 2014 Room 01-E215
SMOR Seminar: Søren Asmussen, Modeling and performance of bonus malus systems Søren Asmussen, Aarhus University 18 Feb 2014 67-442
SMOR seminar: Graphical perception as a basis for drawing graphs A/Prof. Ross Ihaka, University of Auckland 14 Feb 2014 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Yong Wu Container Yard Crane Scheduling and Some Operational Challenges Yong Wu, Griffith 3 Dec 2013 67-641
SMOR Seminar: Yevgeny Seldin, Prediction with Limited Advice and Multiarmed Bandits with Paid Observations Yevgeny Seldin, QUT and UC Berkeley 22 Oct 2013 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Alternative approaches to modelling the effect of short term particulate matter exposure on mortality in Chennai, India Bhaswati Ganguli and Sugata Sen Roy, University of Calcutta 11 Oct 2013 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Pressing statistical challenges in cancer research Kim-Anh Do, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center 9 Oct 2013 Forgan Smith 01-E232
SMOR Seminar: The prediction of random effects in hurdle models Alan Welsh, ANU 17 Sep 2013 67-442
SMOR seminar: Optimal Partial Hedging by Minimizing VaR and CVaR Chengguo Weng, University of Waterloo 23 Aug 2013 67-342
SMOR seminar: Copula Models for Multi-type Life History Processes Liqun Diao, University of Rochester 23 Aug 2013 67-142
Econometric estimates of productivity and efficiency change in the Australian Northern Prawn Fishery Chris O'Donnell, UQ School of Economics 13 Aug 2013 67-442
SMOR Seminar, David Sirl, Random networks and SIR epidemics thereon David Sirl 30 Jul 2013 67-442
SMOR Seminar: Nonparametric Estimation of Probability Density Functions for Irregularly Observed Spatial Data Zudi Lu, University of Adelaide 12 Jul 2013 Room 326, Parnell building (7)
SMOR seminar: Building and using detection models for ecological surveys Cindy Hauser, University of Melbourne 2 Jul 2013 Room 214, Gordon Greenwood Building (32)
SMOR Seminar: Stijn Fleuren, Finite buffer fluid networks with overflows Stijn Fleuren 18 Jun 2013 Location: 32-214
SMOR Seminar: Solving Uncapacitated Facility Location problems using Benders Decomposition Michael Forbes 4 Jun 2013 67 - 442
SMOR seminar: Geo-simulation using cellular automata and simulated annealing for urban growth modelling Yan Liu, Sch. Geography, Planning & Environmental Management (UQ) 21 May 2013 Room 214, Gordon Greenwood Building (32)
SMOR seminar - Natashia Boland: Alternating Projection Algorithms: Now Available for Integer Programming! Natashia Boland 7 May 2013 Room 214, Gordon Greenwood Building (32)
SMOR Seminar: Untangling knots using combinatorial optimisation Benjamin Burton, UQ. 23 Apr 2013 Room 214, Gordon Greenwood Building (32)
SMOR Seminar, Michel Mandjes, Infinite-server queues and Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes: reflection and Markov modulation Michel Mandjes, The University of Amsterdam. 21 Mar 2013 Room 217, Michie Building (9)
Numerical Methods in Optimization as a Multi-stage Decision Control System Bean San Goh, Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak, Malaysia 14 Feb 2013 67 - 442
SMOR Seminar: Empirical Likelihood Estimation for Rare-Event Probabilities Zdravko Botev, UNSW 13 Feb 2013 67 - 442
Call Routing Policies with Dynamic Priorities based on Wait and Idle Times in Call Centers Pierre L'Ecuyer, Universite de Montreal, Canada 13 Feb 2013 67 - 442
Stability Analysis for Fluid Limit Models of Multiclass Queueing Networks Erjen Lefeber, Eindhoven University of Technology 5 Feb 2013 67 - 442