Summer Project
Professor Matthew Davis

Suitable for:  Students with an interest in quantum physics.

Project:  Classical information is represented as bits in a string of 0s and 1s.  In quantum mechanics, anything in between is possible - you can have superpositions of 0s and 1s.  The goal of the project is to develop a turn-based card game based on manipulating quantum bits, building on an outline that is already developed.  It will require developing a deep understanding of the concepts of quantum mechanics, and will require a lot of creativity and design skill.  The rules will need to be developed and redefined in order to enhance the gameplay.

Expected outcomes:  The goal is to develop a working prototype of a game that can be used for outreach, and distributed to, eg, high school students and the general public.  This will include the set of cards themselves, and a document describing the rules and their application.

Duration:  8 weeks; start and finish times flexible.

Contact:  Professor Matt Davis, mdavis@physics.uq.edu.au or phone 61 +7 334 69824; room 309, Physics Annexe (6), UQ St Lucia campus.  Please email mdavis@physics.uq.edu.au before applying.