Summer Project
Dr Alan Huang

Suitable for:  Third year and honours-level students in statistics, mathematics and/or computer science.  Familiarity with R or Matlab is highly desirable.

Project:  A novel application of generalised linear models is in the power rankings and predictions for sports teams in head-to-head competitions.  This project will look at extensions of classical Bradley-Terry models that allow for multivariate skill dimensions and differential home-ground advantages.

Expected outcomes:  Two outcomes for this project are:

1.  Software package for implementing extended Bradley-Terry models.

2.  Report detailing the findings that can be published in the magazine of the Statistical Society of Australia or the Australian Mathematics gazette.

Duration of Project:  6-8 weeks.

Contact:  Dr Alan Huang, Alan.Huang@uq.edu.au or phone +61 7 336 52315