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Dr Ivan Kassal

Honorary appointment (pending)

I'm a theorist interested in topics such as:

Energy and charge transport in photosynthetic complexes
Photophysics of organic solar cells
Quantum computing and quantum simulation, especially for chemical problems
Photonic quantum computing

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BS Hons (Stanford), BA (Stanford), Ph.D. (Harvard)

Available Projects

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Simulating superradiance

Superradiance occurs when several emitters emit radiation in phase, causing the emission to occur much faster than it would if each emitter was independent. This project is about simulating...

Honours Project
Theory of organic photovoltaics
Organic solar cells differ from conventional (inorganic) ones in several ways. Most importantly, organic materials are disordered, meaning that charges tend to be localised and move by hopping---quite distinct from the band transport in...
PhD Project
Honours Project
Quantum enhancement of light harvesting in sunlight

Photosynthetic organisms harvest light through large antenna complexes containing many chlorophyll molecules. Recent experiments have found that energy may be transported through antenna...

PhD Project
Honours Project