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Dr Simon Haine

Research Fellow
Located in Building 6 - Room 409
Phone: 69827
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Research Interests Quantum-Atom Optics, Atom Interferometry, Fundamental tests of Quantum Mechanics

Available Projects

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Atomtronic devices for fundamental tests of quantum mechanics


Unlike electronics, devices based around ultra-cold atoms aren’t strongly coupled to the environment through the electromagnetic interaction, so make an ideal test-bed for tests of coherent...

PhD Project
Honours Project
Quantum Entanglement in Atom Lasers

An atom laser is a device that spits out atoms in the same way that an optical laser spits out light: That is, it creates an atomic matterwave with a well defined wavelength, amplitude and phase. Such a system is interesting for...

PhD Project
Honours Project
Quantum-Enhanced Atom Interferometry

An atom interferometer is a device that utilizes the quantum wave-like nature of atoms to make extremely sensitive measurements of quantities such as rotations and accelerations. This...

PhD Project
Honours Project