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Associate Professor Yao-Zhong Zhang

Located in Building 69 - Room 702
Phone: 53256
BSc(Xidian), MSc(Sichuan), PhD(Northwest)
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Available Projects

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Quasi exactly solvable quantum mechanical systems

Quasi exact solvability is closely related to exact solvability. If all the eigenvalues of a quantum mechanical system are known together with the corresponding eigenfunctions the system is exactly solvable. In contrast a system is quasi exactly solvable if only a finite number (usually the...

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Quantum correlations in quantum field theory and integrable systems

Analytic computation of correlation functions is a very challenging problem in the theory of exactly soluble models in condensed matter physics and integrable quantum field theories. There is much interest in this field internationally leading to high-profile research activity at present. A key...

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Current superalgebra and conformal field theory approach to disordered systems

Superalgebras have emerged in a wide variety of areas ranging from high energy and condensed matter physics such as topological field theory logarithmic conformal field theories (CFTs) the integer quantum Hall transition sigma models on supergroup manifolds and superstring theory (the only...

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