The Pure Maths Colloquium is held on Tuesdays at 3:00-3:50 pm. Talks are 45 minutes long plus 5 minutes for questions and discussion. 

The venue for Semester 1, 2012 is Room 67-442 in Priestley (67), level 4. The room has a data projector and a whiteboard.

Please note that the seminar is addressed to researchers of all fields of pure mathematics. Hence, any talk should be understandable for a general mathematical audience.


If you want to use the data projector please contact us (Ben Burton or Jonathan Spreer) a couple of days prior to your talk (if possible) so we can either copy your slides to the local computer or make sure your laptop is compatible with the projector. This allows us to minmise delays as the room is usually occupied until right before the seminar.

For more information please ask Ben Burton or Jonathan Spreer.


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