July 2015

Introduction to R Workshop Mon 29 Jun, 9:00 am Presented by Assoc. Prof. Anthony J. Richardson (UQ) & Assoc. Prof. Dave Schoeman (USC) 47A - 241, Sir James Foot Building
R Workshops being offered in 2015 Mon 29 Jun, 9:00 am Presented by Various Facilitators University of Queensland, St Lucia campus
Women in Maths Networking Event Thu 2 Jul, 5:00 pm Presented by 2015 AMSI Winter School Science Learning Centre, Level 2, Priestley Building (67)
The Glass Bead Game Tue 7 Jul, 6:00 pm Presented by Prof. Arun Ram (The University of Melbourne) The Edge, Queensland State Library
A combinatorial proof of the Lower Bound Theorem Tue 14 Jul, 3:00 pm Presented by Basudeb Datta, Indian Institute of Science Building 67, Room 442
Decomposition and stability of persistence modules Tue 21 Jul, 3:00 pm Presented by Steve Oudot Building 67, Room 442
The Universe in a Nutshell: stars, galaxies, black holes & more Thu 23 Jul, 6:30 pm Presented by ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO) Room 200, Advanced Engineering Building (#49)
UQ Physics Colloquium - Type Ia Supernovae: Enlightening Cosmic Explosions Fri 24 Jul, 3:00 pm Presented by Dr Michael Childress, Australian National University (CAASTRO) Room 222, Parnell Building (07), UQ (St Lucia campus)
On Perfect Sampling Methods in Stochastic Operations Research Mon 27 Jul, 2:00 am Presented by Jose Blanchet (Columbia University) Steele Building (03), room 262
3MT School round Mon 27 Jul, 4:15 pm Presented by Maths & Physics Room 407, Physics Annexe (Bldg #6)
Small quantum groups: modular group representations and CFT Tue 28 Jul, 3:00 pm Presented by Azat Gainutdinov Building 67, Room 442
UQ Physics Colloquium - Gravitational time dilation in quantum mechanics Fri 31 Jul, 3:00 pm Presented by Dr Magdalena Zych, EQuS (UQ) TBA
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