April 2014

Local estimates for Ricci-flow in two dimensions Tue 1 Apr, 3:00 pm Presented by Miles Simon, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg Room 442, Building 67
Complex and dynamic impacts of climate change on tree growth and carbon stocks in different forest ecosystems Wed 9 Apr, 12:30 pm Presented by Professor Zhihong Xu Seminar Room Room 502, Level 5, Bldg 49 Advanced Engineering Building, St Lucia Campus
Scallop Stock Collapse Workshop Thu 10 Apr, 9:00 am Presented by Western Australia Fisheries and Marine Research Laboratories Meeting Room 1, WAFMRL, 39 Northside Drive, Hillarys, WA
Physics Colloquium - Inflation: Observational Status and Future Prospects Thu 10 Apr, 3:00 pm Presented by Prof. Richard Easther, The University of Auckland Room 216, Prentice Building (42), UQ (St Lucia campus)
Symmetries in mathematics: a personal perspective Mon 14 Apr, 2:00 pm Presented by Masoud Kamgarpour (University of Queensland) Hawken Engineering Building (50), room N202
How to represent curves on a surface Tue 15 Apr, 3:00 pm Presented by Mark Bell, University of Warwick Building 67, Room 442
Heffter Arrays: Biembeddings of cycle systems on surfaces Wed 16 Apr, 2:00 pm Presented by Jeff Dinitz, University of Vermont Building 67, Room 442
Physics Colloquium - SN1987A: Spectacular Physics Thu 17 Apr, 3:00 pm Presented by Dr Bruno Leibundgut, European Southern Observatory Room E302, Forgan Smith Building, UQ (St Lucia Campus)
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