June 2017

UQ Physics Colloquium - What Does Quantum Mechanics Have To Do With The Chemical Industry? Reflections On A Journey From Pure To Applied Research. Fri 2 Jun, 12:00 pm Presented by Professor David Sholl, Georgia Institute of Technology Room 139, Goddard Building (08), St Lucia Campus
The Importance of Being Clustered: Uncluttering the Trends of Statistics from 1970 to 2015 Mon 5 Jun, 2:00 pm Presented by Cinzia Viroli (Bologna) 45-204
Carmichael and $k$-Lehmer Polynomials Tue 6 Jun, 2:00 pm Presented by Max Lewis (UQ) 67-442
Critical thinking Wed 7 Jun, 2:00 pm Presented by Peter Ellerton, Director UQ Critical Thinking project 67-442
Filtrations on loop algebras and ordinary differential equations with irregular singularities Mon 12 Jun, 2:00 pm Presented by Daniel Sage (LSU) 45-204
R Workshops 2017 Tue 13 Jun, 9:00 am Presented by Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics (CARM) UQ - registration required
A famous packing problem—if you are not smart enough to count the dots then use applied probability Mon 19 Jun, 2:00 pm Presented by Phil Howlett (University of South Australia) 45-204
Special Maths Colloquium: Crowdsourcing mathematical problems Fri 30 Jun, 10:30 am Presented by Tim Gowers (Cambridge) 07-234 (Parnell Building)
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