May 2015

UQ Physics Colloquium - High-Impact-Factor Syndrome: What, why, and what to do Fri 1 May, 3:00 pm Presented by Prof. Carlton M. Caves, University of New Mexico and The University of Queensland Room 234, Parnell Building (07), UQ (St Lucia campus)
SMOR Seminar: Variational message passing for regression models with measurement error Tue 5 May, 12:00 pm Presented by Andy Kim, UTS 50-N202
The prescribed Ricci curvature problem on homogeneous spaces Tue 5 May, 3:00 pm Presented by Artem Pulemotov, UQ Building 67, Room 442
Topological quantum computation, and tensor categories Mon 11 May, 2:00 pm Presented by Scott Morrison (ANU) Hawken Building (50), room N202
The Cauchy problem for Lorentzian manifolds with parallel spinors Tue 12 May, 3:00 pm Presented by Andree Lischewski, HU Berlin Building 67, room 442
AMSI/BHP Billiton Foundation 'Choose Maths' Project Mon 18 May, 2:00 pm Presented by Janine McIntosh (AMSI) Hawken Building (50), room N202
Cycle decompositions of multigraphs Tue 19 May, 3:00 pm Presented by Barbara Maenhaut Building 67, Room 442
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