Staff and postgraduate students supported their tutor colleagues at the School of Mathematics and Physics annual Tutor Awards, held on Friday 17th November 2017.  Over 40 nominations were received for these awards with Dr Barbara Maenhaut, Chair of the School's Teaching and Learning Committee, announcing 17 award recipients, who were:


David Cavanagh - PHYS2041 Laboratory, PHYS1002

Anatolii Kashchuk - PHYS2810, PHYS3040 & PHYS3051, PHYS2041, PHYS3825

Anatolii Kulikov - PHYS1171

Henry Nourse - PHYS3020

Ben Pedemont - PHYS2020/PHYS2055 Laboratory

Sarah Thomson - PHYS1001 & PHYS1171

Carolyn Wood - PHYS2082, PHYS1001


Catherine Bowler - PHRM1020

Hayden Klok - STAT2201/CIVL2530

Caitlin O'Rourke - STAT1202


Leslie Cheung - MATH2400

Ming Yan Chow - MATH7100

Maria Kleshnina - MATH2070, MATH3101

Marielle Ong - MATH1051

Robbie Pearce - MATH3202 and MATH4202

Thomas Reddell - MECH3750

Ragani Selvaraj - MATH1051

Congratulations to these award recipients and grateful thanks to all SMP tutors who supported the many students and courses in the School throughout 2017.

For those interested in casual tutoring, please refer to our webpage on applying to become an SMP tutor.