The 16th annual SMP Postgraduate Poster Day competition was held in the Alumni Court on Friday 15th September 2017.  It was the best-ever poster event with 37 posters presented, with over 150 guests from UQ's research community in attendance, as well as a number of visiting prospective PhD students from around Australia and New Zealand.

Poster Winners:

Best Mathematics/Statistics poster - Christopher Raymond (PhD candidate - Principal Advisor Associate Professor Jorgen Rasmussen, Associate Advisor Dr David Ridout) - Generalized Galilean Conformal Field Theory.

Best Physics poster - Anatolli Kulikov (PhD candidate - Principal Advisor Dr Arkady Fedorov, Associate Advisor Dr Markus Jerger) - Realization of a quantum random number generator certified with the Kochen-Specker theorem.

Best poster from those who have presented at Poster Day (both disciplines) in previous years - Amie Khosla (PhD candidate - Principal Advisor Professor Ben Powell, Associate Advisor Dr Anthony Jacko) - Spin-orbit coupling and strong electronic correlations in cyclic molecules.

Congratulations to Christopher, Anatolii and Amie.

Prizes were also awarded for the inaugural SMP Higher Degree Research Publication Award.  An initiative of the School's Research Committee, two awards (one for each discipline) will be awarded annually to recognise excellence in research, resulting in an outstanding research publication by our research students.

Inaugural Publication Winners:

Best publication in Mathematics/Statistics - Brendan Bicknell (PhD candidate - Principal Advisor Professor Geoffrey Goodhill, Associate Advisor Professor Peter Dayan) - Bicknell, B.A. & Goodhill, G.J. (2016). Emergence of ion channel modal gating from independent subunit kinetics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 113 (36), E5288-5297.

Best publication in Physics - Samantha Hood (PhD candidate - Principal Advisor Dr Ivan Kassal, Associate Supervisor Professor Paul Meredith) - Hood, S.N. & Kassal, I.J. (2016) Entropy and Disorder Enable Charge Separation in Organic Solar Cells. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 7 (22), pp 4495-4500.

Congratulations to Brendan and Samantha, as well as to Thomas Bell, Henry Nourse and Farid Shahandeh who received a commendation for their publications in physics, and to Ryan Heneghan, Christopher Raymond and Rohan Shah who received a commendation for their publications in mathematics/statistics.