Summer Project
Dr Zoltan Neufeld

Suitable for:  Second/Third year students with background in mathematics, physics, engineering who are interested in the applications of mathematical models and computer simulation into cell biology and medicine (previous background in biology is not required).

Project:  The research projects will investigate the role of mechanical interactions between cells in determining the structure and morphology of different types of biological tissues.  Multicellular biomechanics plays an essential role in a range of different biological contexts including embryo development and morphogenesis, maintenance and regeneration of adult tissues, and the spread of cancer cells.  The projects will use mathematical models and computer simulations, based on differential equations and stochastic dynamics, aiming to contribute to the understanding of the mechanical regulation of multicellular systems and help optimising cancer treatment strategies.  The projects provide opportunity for interdisciplinary interactions with biologists at the UQ Institute for Molecular Biosciences.  There is also opportunity for extending the work through paid research internship during the semester.

Expected outcomes:  Mathematical and computational models for tissue modelling.  The projects have good potential for generating results that may contribute to research publications.

Duration:  6-8 weeks (dates are flexible)

Contact:  Dr Zolan Neufeld, z.neufeld@uq.edu.au or phone 0452 413659; room 710, Building 69, UQ St Lucia campus.