Summer Project
Dr Tyler Neely

Project:  Existing at temperatures near absolute zero, BECs are fragile creatures.  However, one can utilise minimally-destructive imaging techniques that tune off-resonance and measure the phase shift imparted on the light by the BEC.  This technique can enable hundreds of images of the same condensate.  We propose to combine two techniques for a powerful real-time measurement of BEC position and moments.  First, we can apply a RF sideband to the off-resonant light using an electro-optic modulator, enabling a real-time measurement of condensate density with matched photodiodes.  By using a dynamic pattern of the imaging light produced by a rapidly configurable digital micromirror device, we can utilise the techniques of a "single pixel camera" to produce real-time images of the condensate.  These techniques will lay the groundwork for real-time manipulation of the trapped condensate.

Duration:  6-8 weeks.