Summer Project
Dr Steve Mehrkanoon

Note:  While this project is hosted by another UQ unit at Herston (not SMP), students studying Maths/Physics are encouraged to apply.

Suitable for:  Students with a background in Applied Mathematics, Physics, and Electrical Engineering with ODE/Matlab and/or C/C++ knowledge with an interest in HDR pathway.

Project:  We will investigate how different types of node interconnectivity patterns affect simulated electrical activity patterns (EEG) in network models of brains.  The aim of this project is to identify the relationships between network topology and collective dynamics observed in EEG signals.  We hypothesize that topology and wiring pattern of a network are central in the emergence of a collective behaviour (or emergent dynamics).  The successful candidate will simulate a number of network models to infer the EEG-like dynamics (1).

Reference:  (1) Wallace E, Benayoun M, van Drongelen W, Cowan JD (2011) Emergent Oscillations in Networks of Stochastic Spiking Neurons. PLOS ONE 6(5): e14804.

Expected outcomes:  The Summer Research Scholar involved in this project will gain skills in the following domains:

1.  Network theory and simulation of large-scale brain network;

2.  Have a great opportunity to learn how to develop a MATLAB program in order to generate network models with respect to the nature of EEG features;

3.  Have a window of opportunity to generate a unique multidisciplinary scientific article that embeds mathematics onto neuroscience for better understanding of how the human brain network operates.

Duration:  8 weeks (hours expected per week - 36).

Contact:  Dr Steve Mehrkanoon, s.mehrkanoon@uq.edu.au, UQ Centre for Clinical Research, Herston.  The supervisor MUST be contacted by students prior to submission of an application for this project.