At the invitation of the Mathematics Teachers' Association of the Northern Territory, Dr Yoni Nazarathy presented three math curiosity presentations in mid-April to teachers and students at the Centralian Senior College, the largest senior secondary education provider in Alice Springs.

The first presentation was to a wide group of secondary students and showcased the meaning of mathematical research, university and a teaching-and-research career.  It also featured “proof” of the formula of the arithmetic series with a demonstration by Centralian's maths teacher Eunice De Kock doing an increasing number of push-ups, with a decreasing number of sit-ups by presenter Yoni Nazarathy.  The students were participative and interested asking questions and having a laugh at the 'old' teachers doing a Maths workout.

The second presentation was to a group of eight math enthusiastic children aged 10-14. Together with teachers, the students explored famous irrational numbers and their meaning. 

The third presentation was to a group of ten mathematics and physics teachers. Differences between secondary school mathematics and university mathematics were discussed including a computer demonstration of random phenomena.