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Winter Project
Professor Matthew Davis

Suitable for:  Students with an interest in computational science and theoretical quantum physics.  Students should have completed at least two years of physics study, and be familiar with quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and preferably statistical mechanics.  Two (2) positions available.

Project description:  The Jarzynski equality is a thermodynamic relationship discovered relatively recently that relates the free energy difference of two equilibrium states to the mean of the work distribution of the transformation between the states.  This is exciting, as it holds true for any nonequilibrium process between the two states, and so has potential to teach us about features of nonequilibrium phenomena.  This project will investigate how the Jarzynski equality is realized in the transformation of a finite temperature Bose-Einstein condensate.  This is novel as it is yet to be demonstrated how the inequality is realized in a non-linear, self-equilibrating system.

Expected outcomes:  Scholars will learn how to:  solve stochastic partial differential equations; generate and store simulation data; perform statistical analyses and calculate thermodynamic observables from simulation data.  Scholars will be asked to write a report on their project, which if successful will contribute to a manuscript to be submitted for publication.

Project duration:  4-6 weeks; 36hrs per week

Primary Supervisor:  Professor Matthew Davis     Further information:  Please email mdavis@physics.uq.edu.au before applying.