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Winter Project
Dr Clare Anne McGrory

Suitable for:  Third or Fourth year students with a background in mathematics and/or statistics.

Project description:  This statistics project would involve working with a staff member from the Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics (CARM) to develop an efficient approach for modelling lightning strike data.  The lightning data comprise a 4D dataset containing total lightning counts for each of the 24 hours in 180 months at each division of a 251x201 spatial grid.  The grid spacing is .01 degrees of latitude and of longitude, which represents an area of approximately 1km.  Data observations taken over several years are available for analysis.  The aim of this project is to be able to analyse that type of information using geostatistical analytical techniques which would be tailored to suit the dataset in the project.

Expected outcomes:  Students would learn skills in data geostatistical data analysis; these are highly transferrable skills.  Students might be asked to produce a report or oral presentation summarising their work at the end of their project.  Depending upon the outcomes, there may be opportunities to submit the research for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Project duration:  6 weeks

Primary Supervisor:  Dr Clare Anne McGrory      Further informationc.mcgrory@uq.edu.au