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Winter Project
Dr Zoltan Neufeld

Suitable for:  Second or Third year students with background in mathematics, physics, engineering who are interested in the applications of mathematical models and computer simulation into cell biology and medicine (previous background in biology is not required).  Dates are flexible.

Project description:  The project will involve computer simulations of brain tumours using mathematical models based on partial differential equations.  The aim of the project is to study the effect of density dependent motility of cancer cells on the efficacy of different treatment strategies such as surgery and radiation therapy etc.

Expected outcomes:  The students will gain insight into the use of mathematical and computational models in biology and medical applications.  The project has the potential to produce new insights that may contribute to research publication.

Project duration:  4-6 weeks (flexible)

Primary Supervisor:  Dr Zoltan Neufeld     Further information:  Contact z.neufeld@uq.edu.au