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Winter Project
Dr Bernard Mostert

Suitable for:  Students with a background in physical/materials chemistry and/or condensed matter/electronics physics who are in their third or fourth year of study at UQ and who are interested in doing experimental measurements.

Project description:  Bioelectronics is an emergent field which aims to create new ways for interfacing traditional semiconductor control circuitry with biological entities for medical outcomes.  A key task for bioelectronics is therefore to transduce biological signals (often ionic in nature) with high fidelity electronic signals (carried by electrons and holes).  In this project one kind of transducing prototype will be investigated, a solid state organic electrochemical transistor (OECT) that can transduce proton signals from melanin.  Specifically for this project, multiple different kinds of OECTs will be investigated by characterising their transistor behaviour.  Furthermore, the underlying mechanism will be probed with various electrical techniques.

Expected outcomes:  Scholars will have a multifaceted experience in this project.  Scholars will first and foremost be introduced to the field of bioelectronics, which will include learning a bit about ionic as well as electronic charge transport and how they can be coupled in a device.  Furthermore, scholars will learn about basic transistor devices and their characterisation including transfer, output, DC and capacitance measurements.  Potential skills set in vacuum technology may be introduced since some measurements involve characterisation within vacuum systems.  Scholars will learn about data collection, analysis and interpretation, all within a setting of cutting-edge research.  The aim would be to use the data collected in a potential publication.  The scholar will be expected to give a short summary, half a page every week on what has been accomplished and a written report at the end of the project collating all the significant results.

Project duration:  6 weeks

Primary Supervisor:  Dr Bernard Mostert      Further information:  Contact Dr Bernard Mostert at a.mostert@uq.edu.au before submitting an application.