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Winter Project
Dr Ian McCulloch

Suitable for:  Requires a background in:  intermediate-level quantum mechancis (bra and ket notation, basic notions of 2nd quantization); basic linear algebra, including matrices, eigenvalues; working knowledge of a computer programming language (such as Matlab, Phython, C, Julia, etc) is essential.

Project descriptionTensor Networks provide a representation of a quantum many-body wave-function (or a classical partition function) that is suitable for computational methods, mainly for low-dimensional problems (1D and 2D).  In this project, you will write a computer program to simulate the ground-state and/or time evolution of a quantum many-body state, such as a chain of bosons or fermions.  If time permits the scholar will be able to use this program to investigate some aspects of quantum many-body physics, such as phase transitions or particle fractionalization.

Expected outcomes:  The scholar will develop a computer program to simulate many-body quantum systems using tensor networks.  In the process the scholar will learn about optimization algorithms, large-scale eigenvalue problems, unitary evolution of quantum states, and many-body quantum mechanics and the role of quantum entanglement.

Project duration:  6 weeks

Primary Supervisor:  Dr Ian McCulloch     Further information:  For further information and background, see https://people.smp.uq.edu.au/IanMcCulloch/mptoolkit/    Students must contact the supervisor, Dr Ian McCulloch at ianmcc@physics.uq.edu.au prior to submitting an application.