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Winter Project
Dr Dietmar Oelz

Suitable forStudents with interests in mathematical biology, modelling and numerical simulation.  Students with a variety of backgrounds are welcome and certainly need to have programming skills.

Project description:  In biological cells cargo is transported by molecular motor proteins along cytoskeleton fibres.  Competition of antagonistic motors might result in tug-of-war.  In this project we will explore computationally how tug-of-war changes the characteristic exponent of diffusion of the apparent random walk of cargo along microtubules.

Expected outcomes:  Scholars will gain skills in stochastic simulation.  Scholars will be asked to produce a report at the end of their project and might have the opportunity to generate publications from their research.

Project duration:  6-8 weeks

Principal Supervisor:  Dr Dietmar Oelz     Further information:  Please contact Dr Oelz by email (d.oelz@uq.edu.au) or come to his office (69-708) prior to submitting an application.