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Winter Project
Dr Dietmar Oelz

Suitable for:  Students with interests in mathematical biology, modelling and numerical simulation.  Students with a variety of backgrounds are welcome and need to have programming skills in matlab.

Project description:  The cell cortex is a network of lengthy filaments an force generating motor proteins under the membrane of living cells.  A pair of two filaments and one motor protein is considered its basic force generating building block and it can mechanically be idealizd as two stiff bars mechanically connected to each other by an actively moving link.  In this project we will use computer simulations of a system of differential equations to quantify the effect of cytosolic drag (friction) on the contractile/expansive dipol fore being generated by such a mechanical system and we will use statistics to understand the expected effect in a random network.

Duration:  6 weeks

Principal Supervisor:  Dr Dietmar Oelz   Further Information:  Contact Dr Oelz by email (d.oelz@uq.edu.au) or come to his office (69-708) prior to submitting an application.