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Winter Project
Dr Josh Combes

Suitable for:  Third or Fourth Year UQ students in Physics, Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering.  Basic familiarity with Linear Algebra manipulations (matrix manipulations) is desirable.

Project description:  Born's rule states that the probability of observing an event E given a wavefunction --- is equal to the modulus squared of the amplitude for the event.  Recently some experimentalists have claimed that is possible to measure amplitudes directly in quantum theory event.  Clearly this is crazy and not possible.  This project will attempt to reconcile the experimentalist ideas with reality.  We will begin by considering what is different if we lived in a world where it is possible.

Expected outcomes:  During the course of this project the scholar will gain knowledge of quantum measurement theory.  It is likely the project will involve some programming to simulate results of quantum measurements.  The students may also be asked to write a short report (approximately 5 pages) and give an oral presentation (5 to 10 minutes). 

Project duration:  6 weeks

Primary Supervisor:  Dr Josh Combes     Further informationj.combes@uq.edu.au