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The Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics (CARM) is a School Centre in the School of Mathematics and Physics at The University of Queensland. The Centre is co-funded by UQ and the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF).  There are currently a number of possible PhD, Masters and Honours projects in the broad area of sustainable fisheries that are available to suitably qualified students.  The specific focus and scope can be tailored to the particular student’s interests, talents and academic level.

CARM's aim is to develop and apply mathematical and statistical theory to produce tools that will have a direct impact in the management of fisheries, forestry, water security, conservation, pest and disease management, and adaptation to global changes.  This area draws on a wide spectrum of mathematical techniques ranging from dynamical systems, through statistical and probabilistic methods to optimization, simulation and operations research.  

The underlying problems are conceptually quite challenging as they involve design, development and validation of mathematical models that capture salient features of complex natural systems (such as fisheries) interacting with human development activities and yet are simple enough to be algorithmically tractable and applicable in their context.  Mathematically, the challenge frequently stems from the presence of both fast and slow variables, inherent stochasticity in the system and only partial observability, not to mention incomplete understanding of the governing dynamics.  

Despite these difficulties, significant progress in modelling via mathematical and statistical techniques is being made every year.  Furthermore, satisfaction derived from research in this area stems not only from overcoming technical challenges but also from contributing to sustainability of Australia’s life support systems.   

Prospective candidates should discuss their interests and aspirations with Professor Jerzy Filar, Director of CARM; j.filar@uq.edu.au

Note:  Up to three PhD top-up scholarships ranging in value from $7,000-$10,500 per year are now available to suitably qualified students who are able to secure the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) scholarship at University of Queensland.