Presented by: 
Dr Bill Venables
Mon 22 Feb, 9:00 am - Wed 24 Feb, 4:00 pm
47A-241 Sir James Foot Building

Presented by: Dr Bill Venables, CSIRO

Date:  Mon 22 Feb, 9:00 am - Wed 24 Feb, 4:00 pm

Venue: 47A - 241, Sir James Foot Building

This workshop requires some experience with using R in practice and reasonable statistical expertise

Participants should bring their own laptop.

Monday & Tuesday – using R effectively

·         Data manipulation and restructuring in R

·         Advanced techniques for statistical modelling, data analysis and graphics in R

·         Reproducible research with R Markdown and RStudio


Wednesday – R programming and programming techniques

·         More advanced concepts:  classes, methods, environments and scoping rules

·         Extending R with compiled code; Rcpp

·         Package construction

·         Introduction to parallel computation in R



There is a separate three-day Introduction to R workshop on at the same time 22-24 February in room 47A - 341.



Registration Fees: $800 ($600 for students) incl GST

Registrations close February 22nd 2016