Presented by: 
Yan Liu, Sch. Geography, Planning & Environmental Management (UQ)
Tue 21 May, 11:00 am - 11:45 am
Room 214, Gordon Greenwood Building (32)

Geo-simulation, including cellular automata (CA) and agent based modelling (ABM), is a rapidly growing field to study coupled natural and human systems in which human activities interact with natural landscape components, raising complex issues for environmental resource management. In this seminar I will present a CA model integrating simulated annealing (SA) algorithm to simulate the spatio-temporal processes of urban land-use change. The SA algorithm enables dynamic optimisation of the CA’s transition rules. An application of the model in China’s Jinshan District of Shanghai Municipality will be presented, which shows that the modelling approach is efficient and robust and can be used to reconstruct historical urban land-use patterns and processes. Other CA based urban modelling applications will also be presented and discussed.

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