Presented by: 
Erjen Lefeber, Eindhoven University of Technology
Tue 5 Feb, 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
67 - 442

In [1] we generalized the standard multi-class queuing network model by allowing both standard queues
and in finite virtual queues which have infi nite supply of work. We posed the general problem of finding
policies which allow some of the nodes of the network to work with full utilization, and yet keep all the
standard queues in the system stable. We mentioned that this is a hard problem in general and as yet had
no indication whether this is possible always, or if it is not always possible, what are the networks for which such policies exist, and what are the policies which need to be used.

In this talk we present a possible solution to this general problem.

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[1] Y. Guo, E. Lefeber, Y. Nazarathy, G. Weiss, H. Zhang, Stability and performance for multi-class queueing networks with infinite virtual queues, submitted to Queueing Systems, 2013.