Presented by: 
Jorgen Rasmussen
Tue 15 May, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Room 442, Building 67

This talk concerns the study of indecomposable Virasoro
representations based on a lattice approach to certain physical systems
with non-local degrees of freedom. Such systems are notoriously difficult
to describe mathematically, but many important examples,  such as polymers
and percolation, can nevertheless be modelled using so-called planar
algebras.  Due to their non-local nature, the corresponding lattice models
give rise to logarithmic conformal field theories in the continuum scaling
limit. This talk aims to give an impression of planar algebras, the lattice
approach to generalised models of polymers and percolation, and the rich
representation theory associated with logarithmic conformal field theory.