Presented by: 
Prof. Marti J Anderson
Wed 14 Dec, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Room 442, Priestly Building Number 67

The next CARM/CSTAT Seminar will be this Wednesday (Dec 14) with Professor Marti J. Anderson from the New Zealand Institute for Advanced Study at Massey University.

The title of Professor Anderson's talk is  - ‘Measurements and pitfalls in the analysis of broad-scale patterns of ecological beta diversity’.

'There has been a great deal of recent interest in the topic of ecological beta diversity. Just what is it and how can it be measured? To avoid achieving the status of a Hurlbertian "non-concept", the meaning of beta diversity needs clarification. In this seminar, I will outline the dual fundamental concepts of beta diversity as (i) variation in community structure or (ii) turnover, and will also give a practical guide to appropriate statistical methods for modelling these. The flexibility of a concept with multiple meanings and interpretations can be an advantage, when navigated well. I will then demonstrate some useful methods for measuring beta diversity, including by taking into account variation in alpha and/or gamma diversity through the use of null models, for gaining key insights into salient ecological patterns, with a focus on the analysis of temperate reef fish assemblages across large-scale gradients in depth and latitude.'