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Honours Project
G J Milburn

The emerging field of quantum opto-mechanics is based on the ability to fabricate micron- and nano-scale opto-mechanical systems.  Together with laser cooling methods classical optomechanical systems are being pushed towards a fully quantum domain. In this project the recently developed method for dealing with single photon input state to optomechanical system will be extended to deal with single photon pulse trains. The aim is to determine the conditions underway which optical photons can be reversible converted to mechanical phonons.


Supervisors: Dr U. Akram and Prof G J Milburn


1.     “Single-photon opto-mechanics in the strong coupling regime”, U Akram et al 2010 New J. Phys. 12 083030

2.     “Cavity Optomechanics: Back-Action at the Mesoscale”, Kippenberg T J and Vahala K J 2008 Science 321 1172