Astroinformatics Summer School

We invite researchers working in Astrophysics to attend the ASA/ANITA Astroinformatics school, which will be held on the 18th-20th February (before the ANITA workshop) at the University of Queensland.

The Astroinformatics School is a 3-day program of lectures and tutorials designed to serve as an introduction to a wide range of IT tools that are essential for the modern astronomer, especially PhD students. These skills include programming, Unix scripting, database construction and use, internet technologies and data mining. The program is based on a first year IT course developed by James Curran and Tara Murphy at the University of Sydney but with all the activities tailored to astronomers. It includes online learning material, example code, and lecture/tutorial notes.

One critical feature of the program is that all participants install the required software onto their laptops, which they use throughout the summer school. Most sessions are interactive, with the participants following the examples ‘live’. The advantage of this is that at the end of the program they can continue to use all the software (e.g. scripting, databases etc) that they have been working on.

There will be a AUD 110 fee to attend the Summer School, but this will be waived for students at Australian institutes. We also have some limited funds to support the travel of students who have no alternative travel funding. If you wish to apply for such funding, please let us know when you register.

The School has finished. To find tutorials and lectures go to our github project.

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Previous Astroinformatics schools:

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