Professor Jerzy Filar, Director

A Fellow of the Australian Mathematical Society, Jerzy is a broadly trained applied mathematician with research interests spanning a wide spectrum of both theoretical and applied topics in Operations Research, Applied Probability, Environmental Modelling, Optimisation, Game Theory and Perturbation Analysis.  He spent the first thirteen years of his academic career in the US, which included appointments at the University of Minnesota, The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland and long-term consulting for the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, DC. He returned to Australia in 1992 where he first worked at the University of South Australia and later at Flinders. He is the editor-in-chief of Springer’s Environmental Modelling and Assessment and serves on editorial boards of several other journals including the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. He has supervised, or co-supervised, to completion 23 PhD students who are working in various universities, industries and research institutions in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, China, Morocco and France. 

Professor Kaye Basford

Prof. Kaye Basford’s research interests:   Research at the interface between applied statistics and quantitative genetics with extensive publications on the analysis and interpretation of multi-way data from large-scale plant breeding experiments, particularly those involving genotype by environment interaction. Theory and application of pattern analysis - clustering and ordination procedures - appropriate for data collected from plant breeding experiments and/or stored in germplasm databases. Analysis, interpretation and impact of genotype x environment interaction for primary economic plant attributes (yield and quality) and data management, integration and analysis (bioinformatics).

Professor Anthony J. Richardson
Deputy Director

Professor Richardson has research interests in ecosystem modelling, marine ecology, climate impacts and adaptation research, and analysis of large datasets using modern data analysis techniques.

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Dr Clare McGrory

Dr McGrory is a Bayesian statistician. Her research focuses on developing efficient and practical Bayesian statistical methodology, in particular in the area of variational Bayes and MCMC-based techniques. Her interests include application to analysing spatial data, wave direction modelling and environmental data.

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Dr Matthew Holden

Dr. Matthew Holden is an applied mathematician using dynamic models and decision theory to improve conservation planning when conservation benefits depend on how humans modify their behaviour in response to policy.

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Dr Sabrina Streipert

Sabrina received a Diplom (Master) in Mathematical Economics from the University of Ulm and a Master of Applied Mathematics from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST). Her PhD research at MST focused on the analysis of dynamical systems on time scales with applications in population dynamics and epidemiology. After receiving her PhD in Applied Mathematics in 2015, she became a Research Associate in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working on the mathematical theory of Consciousness. In October 2017, she joined the Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics (CARM) at the University of Queensland. 


Dr Wen-Hsi Yang

Dr Yang is a research fellow. He has research interests in statistical analysis, modelling and theory for spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal data, in particular for fisheries data.

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Staff Affiliates

Professor Hugh Possingham

The Chief Scientist of The Nature Conservancy (TNC)


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Dr Warwich Nash

Science Leader, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry QLD

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Associate Professor Jennifer Ovenden

Principal Research Fellow, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Queensland,Molecular Fisheries LaboratoryContact Email





Associate Professor Diane Donovan

Reader Mathematics, Faculty of Science UQ Researchers / Contact Email




Dr George Leigh

Fishery Resource Assessment Scientist, Agri- Science Queensland

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries






Dr Thomas Taimre

Lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics UQ Researchers / Contact Email





Professor Geoffrey McLachlan

Professor of Mathematics UQ Researchers / Contact Email





Professor Phil Pollett

Professor of Mathematics UQ Researcers / Contact Email





Dr Yoni Nazarathy

ARC DECRA Fellow and Senior Lecturer, Industry Liaison School of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Queensland 

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Professor Dirk Kroese

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics UQ Researchers / Contact Email





Marco Kienzle

Adjunct Fellow at the School of Mathematics and Physics at The University of Queensland





Dr Cecilia Gonzalez Tokman

ARC DECRA Fellow UQ Researchers / Contact Email

Dr Tony Courtney

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Professor Ling Li 

School of Civil Engineering, The University of Queensland UQ Researchers

Professor Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop

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