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AWERA, Australian Water and Environmental Research Alliance

'Griffith University and The University of Queensland are acknowledged leaders for research into water and environmental sciences. Both institutions have been active in this space since the 1970s and are highly experienced in undertaking ‘translational’ research – aimed at linking basic discovery research with practical problems to provide evidence-based solutions to the environmental and related social issues of our rapidly changing region.

It is therefore appropriate that the two universities have joined forces to establish the Australian Water and Environmental Research Alliance (AWERA) which packages the complementary strengths of the institutions into a single research service entity.

Our intent is for the Alliance to build collaboration between the institutions in water and environmental sciences research for the good of society.

In time AWERA will provide national leadership and a national voice in water and environmental sciences. We expect that AWERA will rapidly become the nation’s hub for environmental research, and research training, in environmental sciences and water.' AWERA

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