Week 1:

  • Numerical methods on GPUs: Vivien Challis, UQ
  • Large-scale inversion for geophysical exploration: Lutz Gross, UQ
  • Dynamical systems & singular perturbations: Peter van Heijster, QUT


Week 2:

  • Mathematical modelling of infectious diseases: Geoff Mercer, ANU
  • Regularization of inverse problems in geomathematics: Volker Michel, Universität Siegen
  • Dynamics of earthquake rupture: Louise Olsen-Kettle, UQ
  • Optimisation for nature conservation: Hugh Possingham, UQ


The Winter School Booklet is available below, which includes full program details. Printed versions will be made available to all participants.

Correction:  Participant Talks on Tuesday will commence at 2.30 pm, not 2.00 pm as stated on page 6 of the Booklet.

For further information please email winterschool@maths.uq.edu.au

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